• Brock Hegr
  • 03 Feb 2021

Essential Warehouse Skills in the Gig Economy

The warehousing, storage, and delivery industry are among the few sectors where employment is higher than before the pandemic

Working in a warehouse requires various skill sets to be successful; jobs range from pickers and packers, shipping and receiving, and even forklift drivers. Here are the top skills a temporary warehouse worker must have to be successful.


Like with any company, it's crucial to maintain a positive attitude in the warehouse. Professionalism, including arriving on time, coming prepared, and being motivated to exceed expectations. 


The ability to cooperate, rely on, and trust your team is essential as many of the tasks will require workers to collaborate and function as part of a bigger unit. 


In the warehouse, interpersonal communication is crucial and should deliver a clear, consistent message. Remember, a big part of being a great communicator is listening and responding. If you don't know something, ask. 


Being flexible is essential when working in a warehouse due to the fast-paced, changing environment. Warehouse workers need to perform a wide range of duties and may need to pivot to meet demand. Workers in the warehouse should be able to adapt to meet the company's needs and various seasonal demands.  


There are often strict timelines that require fast pace work without compromising safety and quality. 


When working in a fast-paced environment, it is crucial to remember accuracy as careless errors can be expensive and dangerous. It's ideal for workers to take a few extra seconds to check their work for accuracy when completing tasks.

Physical capabilities 

Whether it's lifting heavy boxes or being on their feet for long periods, warehouse jobs usually require some level of physical activity and stamina. Workers who maintain their health will have a higher level of success in creating value for the company.

Where to find warehouse work

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