• Brock Hegr
  • 12 May 2020

My first job and the convergence of Gig Assist

Looking back on my childhood, I’ve held numerous jobs that were not only rewarding but created such an impact that they helped shape who I am today. Not always the ideal student in the classroom, it was when I was hands-on learning a new skill when I shined. Growing up in the rural suburbs of Minnesota, my very first summer job was working for Bob, the neighbor across the street who owned a several hundred acre crop farm. I don’t think I was much older than ten and I can’t imagine I was making more than $10 a day. 

Most mornings I’d be up before the sun, crawling in a silo or unloading hay, the job was fun, demanding, and different each day. Not much later than mid-afternoon, I’d run back over to my house to pick sweet corn and sell it to the locals passing by. 

Over the summer I think Bob took a likening to having me around. Towards the end when football practice would start, Bob not being such a small man would have to crawl in the silos and pick up all the odd jobs I’d help with. I continued to participate in more sports and with my now limited schedule, my job on the farm fizzled out. With a shortage of eager young boys willing to work, I don’t think Bob ever did find a replacement. 

I’m telling this story because I’ve seen this same scenario many times in the other positions I’ve held within different industries. People fizzle out and the others pick up the workload.

Surprisingly, even after 20 years, companies are still struggling to solve their labor problems quickly with top talent in a cost-effective way. 

A couple scenario’s I’ve recently run into:

Last week I was coming home passing by the grocery store and had a sweet tooth. The bakery within this store makes and sells the best carrot cake by the slice. After making my way to the cash register, I noticed only one cashier and 10 others waiting to be checked out. I left without the cake and still have that sweet tooth.  

I called to make a reservation at a local restaurant, but after several tries and no one answering decided to eat elsewhere. Because of my love for their food, I gave them another chance and was able to dine the following week. Knowing the manager, I wanted to give my feedback and was informed their host was out sick that day. 

Back in 2014 I was working in the hospitality industry and often would run into similar scenarios and asked myself a couple of questions: why has the method of temporary staffing never evolved and why is it still an archaic process? In an era filled with technology and advancements, why is there no practical system for finding top-rated, effective professionals to provide local temporary work? 

The convergence of these two insights began our journey to create a smarter way to match supply and demand and to redefine the pool of talent available to get work done.

So we created Gig Assist and set out to build the easiest, most convenient, scalable, technology-driven solution for staffing issues. While most staffing solutions screen out candidates, reducing the labor pool, Gig Assist makes the labor pool larger. 

Join us on this journey as we reinvent the way of staffing.