We pride ourselves on a platform built on trust and safety


Protecting the safety and security of Gig Assist users is our top priority. Everything booked and paid for on the Gig Assist platform is performed by qualified Pros who undergo a rigorous vetting process which includes skills assessments, background checks, social verifications, and user ratings and reviews. While our platform already safely matches users, we are committed to continuous improvements by enhancing the integrity of our systems.


We are serious when it comes to safety


Security of Personal Information

We take the security of all user information extremely seriously and any sensitive information provided when posting a Gig or registering as a Pro is handled carefully in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 


Potential Professionals must provide detailed personal information and validate their previous professional experiences.

Credential Verification

Gig assist has partnered with several other technologies to authenticate phone, email and social verifications

Background and Driving Checks

Pros receive badges on their profile which means they have completed a background and or driving check. The background and driving checks are performed by Checkr, an accredited third-party background and driving check provider which gives you peace of mind when hiring Pros. Checkr’s search includes an identity check, and criminal background check along with license status, violations and infractions, accidents, suspensions, or revocations which reports information from national, state, county, and sex offender databases stretching back at least 7 years, and longer in certain jurisdictions. 

Secure and encrypted payments

We partner with Stripe, the leading payment processor for online companies. Your payments are cashless and all credit card details are encrypted so you can be confident that your information stays protected when you make a transaction.

Rating & Reviews

Pros build their reputation and prove themselves by earning positive ratings and reviews from the gigs they’ve worked. Higher rated pros have access to more jobs and are hired more often. Our pros rate their experience as well so when selecting their next job they can make an informed choice about what they accept. 

In-app messaging and chat

Our in-app chat keeps everything secure and in one place allowing you to seamlessly communicate with individuals and your team as well as send and receive files, all in real-time.

Gig Assist Backup Protection

It doesn’t happen often, but if a Pro needs to cancel at the last minute, it is good to know you’ve got a backup pro schedule. Gig Assist allows you to request a backup Pro for every pro you book, giving you the peace of mind when it comes to completing all your jobs successfully.